Some things in life just work out serendipitously on their own. The sweet, natural taste of the Ambrosia is one of them. In our humble opinion, it’s sweet perfection.

Sweet Perfection

Ambrosia is sweetly aromatic, crisp and juicy with tender skin and a creamy texture.

The Taste

BC Tree Fruits Cooperative
Ambrosia - Sweet Perfection

Born in BC

A true Okanagan original, discovered, grown and nurtured in British Columbia, Canada.

The Story

Ambrosia Apples USA

The Ambrosia has grown to become one of the most adored apples of all time. Naturally sweet, crisp and light, it’s a small miracle of its own. It was even named after the “food of the gods” in ancient Greek mythology. With one bite, we think you’ll appreciate why.